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Massimo Poesio

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Massimo Poesio is a Professor in Computer Science at the University of Essex and the former Director of the Language Interaction and Computation Lab at the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences, University of Trento. His interests are in semantic interpretation (in particular anaphora resolution), the organization and acquisition of conceptual knowledge, and semantics in dialogues.

Publications :

- Massimo Poesio and Hannes Rieser. An Incremental Model of Anaphora and Reference Resolution Based on Resource Situations. Submitted. (pdf)
- Massimo Poesio, Simone Ponzetto and Yannick Versley. Computational Models of Anaphora Resolution: A Survey. Submitted. (pdf)
- Massimo Poesio (to appear), Incrementality and Underspecification in Semantic Processing, CSLI (2001 draft)

Affiliation : University de Trento, Italie et Université d'Essex, UK

Statut : Professeur

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Using Data about Conceptual Representations in the Brain for Computational Linguistics
Massimo Poesio

Conférence donnée par Massimo Poesio dans le cadre du séminaire "Language, cognition and computational models".

Existing electronic repositories of lexical and commonsense knowledge such as ConceptNet, Cyc, FrameNet, and especially ...
Mots-clés : base de données , Langage , Language, Cognition and Computational Models , lexique , Neurosciences , sémantique , sciences cognitives