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Will Norman

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Will Norman is a lecturer in American literature at the University of Kent, with research interests in modernist and transatlantic studies. He completed his doctorate, on Nabokov and time, at the University of Oxford in 2008 and has recently published a monograph, Nabokov, History and the Texture of Time with Routledge. His current research project examines émigré responses to American mass culture in the mid-twentieth century in literature, art and cultural criticism. An article evolving from this project, on the crime writer Raymond Chandler, will be published in Modernism/modernity in January 2013.

Publications :

The Big Empty: Chandler’s Transatlantic Modernism. Forthcoming in Modernism/modernity 20.4 (2013)

Chandler’s Hardboiled England: Imperialism, World War Two and Transatlantic Exchange. Post-45 (2012)

Nabokov, History and the Texture of Time (Routledge, 2012)

Killing the Crime Novel: Martin Amis’ Night Train, Genre, and Literary Fiction. Journal of Modern Literature 35.1 (2011).

Transitional Nabokov. Co-edited with Duncan White. Peter Lang (2009).

Affiliation : University of Kent

Statut : Directeur de recherche

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   - University of Kent

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A Taste for Freedom: Lolita and the Existentialist Road-Trip
Will Norman

Conférence donnée par Will Norman dans le cadre du colloque International « Vladimir Nabokov et la France », organisé par Les Chercheurs enchantés : Société Française Vladimir Nabokov. 

Mots-clés : Colloque Vladimir Nabokov et la France , De Beauvoir Simone , Etats-Unis , interculturalité , Liberté , Littérature américaine , littérature de voyage , Nabokov, Vladimir , récit