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Carmen Popescu

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Carmen Popescu is an independent art and architectural historian. She has been involved in numerous research projects and holds teaching positions in France and Romania. She has been invited to lecture in Universities in Belgium, Great Britain, Slovenia, United States and Turkey. She is affiliated since 2008 with Paris I-Sorbonne, where she teaches History of Architecture as an Adjunct Professor. Her research focuses on three main axes – identity, politics and historiography. Her work on Eastern Europe combines all three directions, which she has developed in publications and conferences. She has organized a number of conferences and sessions in conferences on the assessment of Eastern European in current historiography, such as “The ‘other’ Europe: Eastern and Central Europe in Western Art History” (INHA, Paris – 2007). Her publications include: 

Publications :

Being specific: limits of contextualising (architectural) history, Journal of Architecture, December 2011

Behind the Iron Curtain: architecture in the former Communist bloc, between isolation and fascination, guest editor, Journal of Architecture, February 2009

L’autre Europe, guest editor, Ligeia, July-December 2009.

Affiliation : Université Paris 1 Sorbonne

Statut : Professeur associée

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At the periphery of architectural history – looking at Eastern Europe
Carmen Popescu

Conférence donnée par Carmen Popescu dans le cadre du colloque "Global art history and the peripheries", organisé par le Artl@s project à l'ENS.

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Mots-clés : architecture , communisme , Europe orientale , Global art history and the peripheries , modernisation , périphérie , union soviétique , visibilité