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Engineering Proteins to Spy and Steer Signaling in vivo
mardi 11 décembre 2012

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Cell motility requires the orchestration of many dynamic cellular systems. Understanding the spatio-temporal coordination of molecules mediating motility requires quantitation of protein activity in living cells and animals.

This talk will describe new, generally applicable tools to visualize and manipulate rapid signaling in vivo, using Rho family circuits and motility as test beds. Multiplexed imaging of biosensors based on complementary designs will be used to examine the coordination of GTPases in the same cell.

The role of specific protein activation events will be dissected through development of novel methods to activate and inactivate proteins at specific subcellular locations with light, and through engineered allosteric control by small molecules.

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Klaus-Michael Hahn
Université de Caroline du Nord - Dpt de chimie médicinale et pharmacologie

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Hahn Klaus-Michael est directeur du laboratoire de microscopie à l'UNC Hooker et travaille sur la mise en œuvre des technologies nouveau microscope.

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