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Opportunities for collaborative Earth systems research at Biosphere 2
vendredi 24 mai 2013

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Peter A. Troch, professeur invité à l'ENS, intervient dans cette conférence sur des systèmes de recherche environnementaux menés à Biosphere 2:

The University of Arizona Biosphere 2 consists of a unique large-scale experimental apparatus housing six model ecosystems, a team of multidisciplinary scientists, a broad science education and public outreach program, and a modern conference center. The mission of Biosphere 2 is to advance our understanding of the natural environment through unique experimentation, training of interdisciplinary scientists, science education and public outreach, and organization of meetings to address grand challenges that affect the quality of life. The Biosphere 2 Science Program addresses societal grand challenges related to water, environmental and energy management through design of large-scale experimentation in each of these model ecosystems.

This presentation will give an overview of current and planned research activities in these model ecosystems, and will discuss opportunities for collaborative research. Special attention will be given to large-scale controlled experimentation in Landscape Evolution Observatory (LEO).

LEO consists of three identical, sloping, 333 m2 convergent landscapes inside a 5,000 m2 environmentally controlled facility. Each landscape contains a spatially dense sensor and sampler network capable of resolving meter-scale lateral heterogeneity and sub-meter scale vertical heterogeneity in moisture, energy and carbon states and fluxes. Each hillslope has an engineered rain system capable of raining at rates between 3 and 45 mm/hr in a range of spatial patterns. This infrastructure is designed to facilitate investigation of emergent structural heterogeneity that results from the coupling among Earth surface processes by rapidly iterating dense experimental measurement with development and validation of coupled computational models.

Peter A. Troch
Université d'Arizona

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Diplômé de l'Université de Gand (Belgique), Peter Troch est professeur à l'Université d'Arizona.

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