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Where is value? Valuation as a process in work practices
mardi 30 juin 2015

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Conférence de Alexandra Bidet lors du colloque "Pricing, Practices, Ranking" organisé par le département de Sciences Sociales et le département d’Économie

Cinquième session. Technologies of Evaluation / 2

Workers are much concerned with value, especially management consultants and telecom workers. Assessing the value of their work – what is it worth? – doesn’t only pertain to the realm of formal evaluations. It stems from their actual practices, and their constant inquiries in relation to daily practical problems. In this respect, valuations are process-oriented: workers continuously wonder how to make their activity convincing, satisfying
or operational: how to cope with their complex environment: in sum, how to produce a valuable move?  In this paper, we will contend that such valuations cannot be encapsulated in – or sorted along – pre-existing criteria, especially along the social/economic binary code. Concrete illustrations will indeed suggest that, in context, the concern for producing economic value is inextricably tied to a valuation of the working activity itself

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Alexandra Bidet
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Alexandra Bidet est chargée de recherche en sociologie au CNRS. Ancienne élève de l’ENS Cachan, agrégée de sciences sociales, elle est membre du Centre Maurice Halbwachs.

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