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Mizuno Hironori (1875-1945), the navy man turned pacifist
mardi 29 septembre 2015

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Conférence de Judit Erika Magyar professeur invitée par le labex TransferS et l’AOROC. A cette occasion elle a donné trois conférences sur le thème Modern Japanese History: Maritime networks and pacifist movements.

Première partie: Mizuno Hironori (1875-1945), the navy man turned pacifist

Mizuno Hironori, the navy man who served as a captain in the Russo-Japanese War and commanded a torpedo ship in the final battle of Tsushima is best known not as a seaman but as an author. “This One Battle” became a defining work and a must-read for not only navy enthusiast but also for the broader public interested in a close-up narrative of a naval battle. After deciding to leave the Japanese navy in 1921 he became a pacifist and publicist for Kaiyo and Chuo Koron, two leading publications at the time. When blacklisted in 1932 and exiled to Matsuyama city on Shikoku, he still continued to compose poems and articles – his audience mostly consisted of only close friends, family and colleagues – about his conviction of why Japan should embark on an exclusively pacifist route. The current lecture is examining the historical significance of Mizuno’s legacy and his significance as a promoter of peace during Japan’s “total war” period. His ideas reverberate not only with post-war pacifist groups but also with the small number of intellectuals who fought against the military bureaucracy’s policy of aggression toward China and several other Asian countries.

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Judith Erika Magyar
Université Waseda de Tokyo
Professeur d'Histoire contemporaine

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Judith Erika Magyar est Maître de Conférences en Histoire Moderne du Japon et en Histoire Mondiale à l’Université Waseda (Japon).

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