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Periploi and portulans
lundi 23 mars 2015

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Exposé de Klaus Belke lors du colloque "La mer Noire (4e-7e siècles apr. J.-C.) la fin du monde antique, début d’un ordre nouveau ? " 

Organisateurs: Anca Dan (Paris), Hans-Joachim Gehrke (Fribourg-en-Brisgau/Berlin), Alexandr Podossinov (Moscou).

Two distinct groups of sources enable us to reconstruct the series of harbours and sailing stations around the Black Sea: antique and late antique periploi on the one hand, late medieval and early modern portolans and so called portolan charts on the other. A high degree of congruence can be observed between them, which is due to the more or less unchanged natural features as well as to the constancy of towns and trading places. Aim of the present contribution is to locate or at least to propose possible or probable locations for those smaller stations, whose positions are more or less unknown. The author could draw on the distances given in the periploi and on personal knowledge of most of the bays and beaches of the area under consideration. Distances of the four portolans available for this coast differ so much from each other as well as from reality that virtually no use could be made of them.

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Klaus Belke
Université de Vienne

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Klaus Belke est chercheur à l'Académie des Sciences de Vienne.

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