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Some remarks to Pseudo-Arrian’s Periplus Ponti Euxini
lundi 23 mars 2015

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Exposé de  Alexander Podossinov lors du colloque "La mer Noire (4e-7e siècles apr. J.-C.) la fin du monde antique, début d’un ordre nouveau ? "
Organisateurs: Anca Dan (Paris), Hans-Joachim Gehrke (Fribourg-en-Brisgau / Berlin), Alexandr Podossinov (Moscou).

The aim of the paper is to investigate, what the Anonymus added to his known sources (Arrian, Ps.-Scymnos, Ps.-Scylax and Menippos) in the Periplus Ponti Euxini, a compilation of 6th century AD. Where these additions his own or did he use other source? If so, how did he work with his sources? There are about 45 names with the indication of the stereotypic formula «now called» (νῦν λέγεται or ὁ νῦν λεγόμενος) and more than a half of them probably refer to author's time because they are not mentioned elsewhere. Otherwise, it is possible to observe some references to Artemidoros of Ephesos (e.g. in paragraph 92). In any case, we must state that the compilation of Anonymus was not a mechanical combination of different texts, but a creative work, meant to produce an integral, consequent, uniform and actual description of the Black Sea shores.



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Alexander Podossinov
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Alexander Podossinov (born 1950) is Professor, chief research fellow in the centre „History of Eastern Europe in antiquity and Middle Ages“ of the Institute for General History of Russian Academy of Sciences; chief of the Department for classical languages in the historical Faculty of Moscow Lomonosow State University. President of the „Russian Association of teachers of classical languages“, member of EUROCLASSICA. Author of more than 400 scientific works, among which Ovids Dichtung als Quelle für  die  Geschichte  des Schwarzmeergebiets (XENIA. Konstanzer althistorische Vortrage und Forschungen, 19), Konstanz, 1987; EX ORIENTE LUX! Ориентация по странам света в архаических культурах Евразии. М., 1999 (; Восточная Европа в римской картографической традиции. Тексты, перевод, комментарий, М., 2002 ; Куда плавал Одиссей? О географических представлениях греков архаической эпохи, М., 2015. Editor of The Periphery of the Classical World in Ancient Geography and Cartography, Leuven; Paris; Walpole, Ma, 2014.

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