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Dialogic syntax: The structure of engagement
mercredi 27 juin 2012

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Conférence de John W. Du Bois, chercheur invité par le LATTICE (Laboratoire Langues, Textes, Traitements informatiques, Cognition) et par le labex TransferS pour deux séminaires intitulés: New Directions in Pragmatics and Semantics et Grammaticization: Functional Explanation for Grammar.

Exposé extrait du premier séminaire.

"This course pre­sents a spe­cific view of the state of the art in prag­matics, semantics, and espe­cially the division of labor between them. The foun­da­tions of the course are based on two recent books by Ariel, Prag­matics and Grammar (2008) and Defining Prag­matics (2010). We focus on syn­chronic aspects of meaning inter­pre­tation, drawing exten­sively on lin­guistic examples taken from natu­rally occurring dis­course. We begin by setting the stage with an assessment of the current status of clas­sical ques­tions about impli­ca­tures, expli­ca­tures, ‘what is said’, and the nature of prag­matic infe­rence. We then take up the recently deve­loped theory of dia­logic syntax, consi­dered as an aspect of the structure of enga­gement in inter­action ; it is contrasted with tra­di­tional linear, sen­tential syntax. This leads to a prag­matic view of the lin­guistic act of taking a stance, encom­passing eva­luation, posi­tioning, and ali­gnment . Finally we examine the rising practice of scho­larly argu­men­tation from dis­course to semantic claims, pro­posing to clarify the dis­tinction between appro­priate vs. fal­la­cious uses of the method."

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John W. Dubois
Université de Californie Berkeley

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John W. Du Bois est professeur de linguistique à l'université de Californie.

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