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Ultrahigh pressure minerals from both downwelling and upwelling environments : Snapshots of mantle convection on a grand scale.
Harry W. Green
Conférence de Harry W. Green I entered this field in the last stage, using microstructures + high-pressure experiments to understand these exciting rocks. Our first studies evoked great controversy ; I will use this controversy to demonstrate the p...
Catégories : Séminaire du département de Géosciences
Mots-clefs: Environnement, géologie, Séisme, tremblement de terre, roche, minéraux, minéralogie
Mechanisms of Deep Earthquakes and Implications for Shallow Ones
Harry W. Green
The fundamental difference between earthquakes at depths shallower than 50 km and those deeper than that is that the former are generated by stresses exceeding static friction on existing faults (primarily) and the latter require a "fluid"-prod...
Catégories : Cycle de conférences Géosciences 2011-2012
Mots-clefs: Séisme, tremblement de terre

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Harry W. Green
Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics/ Univ. of California